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      An avid outdoorsman and expert hunter, Pat Walsh has lived in Nashville, Tennessee his entire life. Though he has hunted since he was a teenager, it was not until later in life that he discovered his passion and skill at woodturning and making gamecalls. The hobby began as a way to make gifts for friends, but at the encouragement of hunting buddies, family members and eventually, total strangers who had the opportunity to see and hear his calls, Pat began perfecting his art and marketing it on a wider scale.
      Over the past several years while mastering his soundboards, Pat and his wife have investigated woods and wood products from around the world. They are humbled at the response they have received and are proud to launch this website.
      My desire to make calls comes from a deep love of watching birds work to a talented caller with a good call in his hand. I can watch an expert caller all day long and not tire of it …and go to bed that night with the ring still in my ears.

      Secondly, I love to take a piece of raw wood and see it become not only a working tool but a thing of beauty; wood turning is a great passion.  Lastly, as an avid hunter and call collector, I have the pleasure of owning many great calls and I am influenced by some of the great call makers: Howard Harlan (maker of my first call, a gift from my Mother); Alvin Taylor and Grover Knoll, and recently by the award winning designs of Dennis and Kevin Poeschel.

      “All my products are completely hand made and hand tuned. My calls have a great top end and a very Ducky bottom end. I make four types of calls:

1)             All wood hunting calls

2)             Wood Barrel and acrylic sound board calls

3)             All acrylic calls

4)             Custom design calls: laminated and carved calls

Thanks for visiting our website and please tell you friends.

       Pat Walsh

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